TRADING B.V. is a private trading company in the Netherlands with our head office in Rotterdam. We are committed to our valued customers worldwide business solutions, quality branded products at affordable wholesale prices with the best logistics services.

What We Do

We are amongst the leading trading company, wholesaler and distributor of drinks including soft and energy drinks, alcoholic and none alcoholic beers, milk and dairy products including baby milk, chocolates and confectioneries, tea and coffee in Europe. We offer products from leading food producers like Nestle, Heinz, Mars, Red Bull, Coca Cola, Tchibo, Ferrero to businesses all over the world. We have an extensive supply chain and excellent relationships with manufacturers.

We constantly search for attractive and niche product categories and brands, which are unique and interesting for Clients. We select reliable suppliers who have products on stock, available within 48 hours upon order.

We take care of having regular hot offers and most attractive prices and flexible approach to deliveries.

We aim at giving confidence to all our Partners along the cooperation at any point in time.

Our extremely experienced team has a visionary power and trading knowledge, which leads to execution on time and in place, where the transactions are needed.

The team is strong, one-pointed focus and encouraging to further cooperation right after the first order.

We are not the first, we are not the only, but we are the best in FMCG brands supply, just as if we were a part of your company. Constantly searching for new business opportunities for you and innovative solution, we are proud of our values

If you have a particular brand or product that you’re interest in, just let us know and we’ll do our best to satisfy your needs

At TYNET TRADING B.V. we pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction.

We go where the demand is greatest. Find out more by contacting us today. Give us a call.